Friday, 1 April 2011

Random Cyclists Part Two

Saturday 2 April – Thames Path to Richmond
Attention all Random Cyclists!  Tomorrow's ride is due meet at the south side of Putney Bridge, as close to the bridge as safety will allow.   If you are able to attend, be ready to ride at 11.30 to take this lovely route along the west of the Thames and round Richmond Park, stopping at about 1pm for lunch somewhere along the way.
I'm so sorry but I won't be able to lead the ride.  I've been in gastric flu hell over the last week, first my son, then me, and last night my daughter started with the bug from hell.  I'm still suffering from my bout and I can't leave my daughter with a nanny because it just wouldn't be fair.
Would it be possible for one of you good people to lead the ride?  I'll be back on for the beginning of May.


  1. Very unfortunately me and my friend did not manage to find the group at the south side of the bridge !
    Where were you ?


  2. Hi Nicole,

    I was wondering if you're still planning the canal ride for early May? If so I'd be keen to come along. Is there a place where you're putting updates etc that I should be looking at?


    Cara (

  3. Hello,

    Just wanted to know if the ride next week was still on.
    It's virtually on my doorstep so I have no excuse to to join.