Saturday, 5 March 2011

Random Cyclists

The first WWCBNIACC ride took place this morning. Thankfully it was dry.  It was sunny at times but it was quite cold so we were all wrapped up well.

Thank you so much to Donna, Aileen, Neil (I think), Hannah, Francesca and Rose for coming along and making it so much fun.  It's really nice to see lots of different bikes, to see how we all carry our stuff and what we wear. We were sharing our tales of cycling gear, what we wear to cycle to work and lots of other issues that we all blog and tweet about.

All of us were on hybrids with rear racks and some form of panniers or rack bags apart from Aileen who was riding a Specialized Dolce road bike which looked lovely.
We met at Tower Bridge and followed the Thames Path along the east of the river, through Wapping and to the Isle of Dogs.

The famous traffic light tree on the Isle of Dogs and cormorants with the Shard in the background. It was so nice to cycle along the river and see all the different buildings along the Thames, from Georgian warehouses and buildings in Wapping to the ultra modern residential and business district on the Dogs.  It's an area of London that's rich in history and interest but not somewhere I go to without a specific reason.  I think the last time I was at Canary Wharf was three years ago for an interview.

When we got to the foot tunnel to go under the Thames to Greenwich, the lift was closed and nobody fancied carrying their bikes down 89 steps and then up another 89 steps at the other side, so we went up the middle of the Isle and stopped at Cafe Rouge in Canary Wharf for lunch.

I forgot to take any lunch pictures but we did have some, honestly, and then we rode back to Tower Bridge and all went our separate ways home.

I really enjoyed it.  A leisurely pace with some lovely people, all chatting about cycling and all keen for the next ride on Saturday 2 April, from Putney Bridge to Richmond Park and back.

Hannah had an idea for the name of the rides, the Random Cyclists, which I think is rather that's what we'll be.


  1. Random Cyclists sounds good. So sad I missed it...but will hopefully (fingers crossed)be there for the next ride...and most definitely for the one after that (as it's almost on my doorstep)!

    Glad everyone had a nice ride though.


  2. Please do come next time. I'd love to meet up.

  3. I did a commuting recce on Saturday (Redhill - Poplar) and nearly joined you, but I was still in deepest Docklands at 11:30... (CS3 isn't bad until you get to East India) Still, was able to whizz across the city and get a nice video of a steam engine on the Orient Express Pullman train -

    Just need to pluck up the courage to commit to 50 miles a day on the bike and avoid the overcrowded commute by train (need to find somewhere to pick up a metro too - shouldn't be too tricky, I pass enough stations...)

    Will have to try to make the next trip.


  4. Yay! You had your ride! And I saw the schedule for the next two. Sounds like some great rides! Wish I could fly on over for the next one.

  5. Nicole - how do I post my pictures?


  6. Hmm - you all look so professional and prepared! I was thinking of joining but now I'm scared!

    I'm quite new to cycling (have only got a bike again when I moved to London 2 years ago after a bike I had when I was 3), but am generally comfortable riding around London as long as I know where I want to go and how to get there and plan my route to avoid super busy parts if I can.

    Would this be something for me? I don't want to be the one holding you back!

  7. Annuca,

    Please do come along. No-one will hold anybody back. It's not a competitive, fast ride. It's a pootle along and we go at the speed of the slowest.

    Everybody is welcome, regardless of ability, professionalism or level of kit!

  8. Fran

    I'm not sure how to post the pics. I got your details from Andreas so I'll e-mail you, you can e-mail me and I'll post them. OK?