Friday, 25 February 2011

F**k it. Now I can't not buy more..

Rapha are holding a one-day only online sale on Monday 28 Februaty. 50% off all women's stuff.  I've got some shorts, socks, scarf and some of their new v-neck merino base layers, in pink, in my basket, ready to go.

Then it's got to stop....honest it will..


  1. But 50% off is far too good an offer to miss.

    ...mmm...the long sleeve merinos will be good for next winter...

    Women and shopping...must be a genetic defect of some kind.

  2. With 50% off, I might even buy something!

    Right now there's a warehouse sale for Nau going on here in Portland. Might stop by today. They have some wool, but nothing like Icebreaker and their insanely great warehouse sale from a few months ago.